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Since as far back as I can remember I daydreamed about my perfect home. Where would it be? How many rooms and bathrooms it would have… The view and yard. The design and décor. The family get-together’s that would be held and memories that would be born. But most importantly... Read More
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Growing up, my mother had always envisioned me as a successful lawyer. But as life often teaches us, things don't always go according to plan. My journey started in a university lecture hall, studying political science, with a feeling of uncertainty about my future. I was... Read More
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As far back as I can remember I have been in love with real estate. This love stems from my early years when I spent my summers at my grandparent’s farm. As a kid, milking cows and riding tractors was the coolest, but my time on “the farm” instilled something deeper also.... Read More
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Life has an interesting way of working itself out and guiding you back to where and what feels right. Originally from Whitehorse Yukon, I moved to Edmonton for an adventure and it’s here where I met my husband. After going back to school at 27, at NAIT to become a personal... Read More
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Anyone who has met my family knows that we are a bunch of outgoing, fun loving and hardworking individuals. Moving around a lot as a child and teenager allowed me to enjoy all of these qualities by meeting new friends and adjusting to new schools. I have known from a very... Read More