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As far back as I can remember I have been in love with real estate. This love stems from my early years when I spent my summers at my grandparent’s farm. As a kid, milking cows and riding tractors was the coolest, but my time on “the farm” instilled something deeper also. The pride and hard work my grandfather put into his land was inspiring; I witnessed how his Property provided life to generations of our family. From then on, a house became more than just dirt, lumber, doors and shingles. A home was my safe place, a jumping off point for my dreams to take flight. Whether I was dreaming of scoring goals like the Great One or running a business like my father, those dreams were rooted in my grandfather's backyard; talking, learning and reflecting on life with my family.
The conversation at our dinner table is real estate and renovations. When we go out with our friends, we talk about real estate. When we wake up, we talk about our real estate dreams; it's freaking awesome!! When we are not talking “shop”, we are planning our next holiday or playing with our pooches. You might catch me in the gym or hanging with friends, at the hockey rink or recharging in the mountains but most of the time I am working in the residential home market! Why you ask, because I love residential real estate!


Buying a home is a difficult process sometimes but that is largely because you need help with details that you wouldn't even know about until you're told or shown. With that said, Jeremy has extensive knowledge in home buying. He doesn't just show you homes to try sell, but rather you can tell he is showing you homes that meet your criteria. He will recommend against bad picks for you and give you a proper objective opinion on homes and why they are good and/or bad. Ultimately, you need to trust the people you are working with and you can't sell Jeremy short in that department. This man knows his stuff and is looking for your best interest. I would recommend him any day - 10/10.
Timour Stropel, Edmonton, AB, left feedback 0 months ago
We are just so impressed with Jeremy and his knowledge, patience and determination in not only selling our home but also finding homes. He is a natural talent of understanding his clients needs and wants and delivers. Professional, courteous, caring and so accommodating. A pleasure to work with making the process of selling and buying so easy.
Henry Karusewicz, St Albert, left feedback 2 months ago
We found Jeremy by requesting a viewing on a home. When that one did not fit our needs we asked Jeremy to help us find other home options. Throughout the home buying journey Jeremy was efficient, professional and knowledgeable. He also has a good sense of humour which is good for the additional stresses that may come with buying a new home. I would highly recommend Jeremy to help anyone looking to buy a new home.
Tarina P., Edmonton, left feedback 3 months ago
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