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As far back as I can remember I have been in love with real estate. This love stems from my early years when I spent my summers at my grandparent’s farm. As a kid, milking cows and riding tractors was the coolest, but my time on “the farm” instilled something deeper also. The pride and hard work my grandfather put into his land was inspiring; I witnessed how his Property provided life to generations of our family. From then on, a house became more than just dirt, lumber, doors and shingles. A home was my safe place, a jumping off point for my dreams to take flight. Whether I was dreaming of scoring goals like the Great One or running a business like my father, those dreams were rooted in my grandfather's backyard; talking, learning and reflecting on life with my family.
The conversation at our dinner table is real estate and renovations. When we go out with our friends, we talk about real estate. When we wake up, we talk about our real estate dreams; it's freaking awesome!! When we are not talking “shop”, we are planning our next holiday or playing with our pooches. You might catch me in the gym or hanging with friends, at the hockey rink or recharging in the mountains but most of the time I am working in the residential home market! Why you ask, because I love residential real estate!


We’ve worked with many agents over the years. The experience with Jeremy was the best we have had on the purchase of a property. It was a smooth and painless process. We would highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to purchase a property in St Albert. I can’t think of a single thing he could have done better.
Nancy Reynolds Edmonton, left feedback 1 months ago
We were extremely lucky to be paired with Jeremy. When we started looking, we had almost zero understanding of the home buying process. After meeting Jeremy for our first showing, we knew that we would keep using his services until we found our home. He was honest and upfront with us about what we should be looking for, and on top of that, he was just incredibly likable and fun to be around. We always felt that Jeremy had our best interests at heart. He never tried to push us towards anything we weren't comfortable with, and he was frank and honest when our naivete or inexperience may have been clouding our judgement. He was knowledgeable about the neighbourhoods we were looking in, and he was communicative and forthcoming about the process from start to finish. Jeremy was always prompt with his responses to our requests, on time for our showings, and incredibly professional. One thing we really appreciated was the time he took to educate us on the things to consider when buying an older home (which is what we were in the market for). He always had his iPad at-the-ready to draw out diagrams of weeping tile and drainage, roof sloping, room layouts, and anything we needed to know to make an informed purchase. We truly felt like we learned so much about houses during our time working with Jeremy. My partner and I joke about how easy it was to buy a home and that we should have just done it years ago. Jeremy's professionalism, communication, and organization made what was supposed to be a very stressful experience incredibly fun and rewarding. We looked forward to our tours with Jeremy, and even though we saw some places that didn't work for us, we were optimistic that we would soon find one that would. After a few months of waiting and searching, Jeremy helped us secure our perfect first home. Getting set up with an agent was fast and seamless. The website is also straightforward to navigate.
Jyllian, Edmonton, left feedback 1 months ago
It was just by chance how I got to meet realtor Jeremy Hickey. I feel very fortunate now that I had the opportunity, having just purchased my new home. The experience was great from start to finish. Liv Real Estate’s add ‘popped up’ while a friend was conducting a search for real estate in St. Albert, Alta. on the internet on my behalf. The add suggested that a realtor by the name of Jeremy Hickey could be contacted to show us current listings. We reached out & got into touch. I was looking for a home to purchase in a province outside of the one I was presently residing in. I had a friend in Alberta assisting in my search as I respect her thoughts & opinions. Her & Jeremy went & looked at numerous listings over a period of time. Jeremy was extremely helpful & very knowledgeable in all aspects of the search for a property. It was an education really. Jeremy knew & understood the areas I was interested in looking at houses in, knew what to look for & watch for in a home. He was excellent with pricing in the current housing market, on top of all paperwork, handling of the deposit, knowing the procedures, etc. Jeremy didn’t seem to overlook anything as far as the details. I can’t say enough of Jeremy’s professionalism. He is friendly, humorous, easy to talk to, very understanding. I appreciated Jeremy’s ‘off the cuff’ conversations, the way he provided additional information to any little thing I had maybe asked him about. He was always responsive within minutes, always accommodating as far as to show another listing & punctual. I never felt ‘pressured’ in any way, (in fact the opposite). Jeremy quickly earned my full trust & respect. Even after the offer had been accepted, Jeremy would send little reminders of the things that needed to be looked after. With working & living so far away, he really helped to make everything go smooth. My friend & I enjoyed the process & feel we are lucky to have gained a friend!
Brent Byers- Alberta, left feedback 2 months ago
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