6 Steps to Make your New home Your Own

Firstly, I would like to take this moment to congratulate you. You have successfully made it through the purchasing process.  You have your keys and it is time to make your new home, your own. 

I would like you to take a moment and soak it all in. My favorite moment when moving into a home is that moment of quiet after all the movers (or friends) have left. It is just you. You are surrouded by all of your boxes but you are in your new home.  It is just starting to feel real.  I want you to sit on your kitchen floor and sip your favorite celebratory beverage. Make sure to glory in this moment.  It is important. You will never have that moment with your home again. 

Here are 6 steps to help you turn your home into a haven.

Step 1: Settling in

  • Secure your home: Make sure to go around you home am familiarize your self with all of the locking devices; exterior doors, windows, garage etc. Make sure to change all codes and locks.  Although most people are trust worthy you just don't know how many people have keys or knowledge of the codes to your home. 
  • Forward your Mail: It would also be beneficial to contact Canada Post and start getting your mail redirected as of now to your new address, as an 'address change' usually takes a bit of time to transfer over completely.  Remember the mail forwarded is ONLY for Canada Post (and I believe Canada Post ONLY forwards letters not packages.)  Make sure to update any and all of your addresses online (eg. Amazon.)  If you have any regular subscriptions that ship like HelloFresh or monthly deliveries of Keurig pods, please make sure to update your address with them as well.
  • Set Up Utilities: Now, you should have already set up the basics like water, waste, heat and power. Now it is time for the FUN utilities: internet, cable, alarm etc.  It is time to bring your home to life!

Step 2: Clean and Comfortable

  • Deep Clean: It is time to clean everywhere. Not just the surfaces or appliances but carpets, vents, chimney etc. Take a peek at GoCleanCo for great inspiration and tips. I would suggest you follow them on Instagram as well.  You will not regret that decision.  You may also want to do the same level of cleaning outside. Pressure wash siding, decks, clean windows, mow the grass and perhaps depending on the previous owner have someone come out and do some "pet poop" clean up (there are companies like Sparkle & Sheen that can help.)
  • Paint: There is literally nothing like a fresh coat of pain to instantly change the vibe of your space. Whether you tackle this yourself or hire one of our fabulous professionals to help you will not regret this. 
  • Time to Map out your space: Some times you get lucky and your furniture rom before works and sometimes you don't. However, mapping out your space and devising a design plan will put you on the right path to creating a space that suites you. 

Step 4: Personalizing your Space

  • Decor: Incorporate your personal style with your decor. Do you like leopard print? Perhaps, a jungle throw cushion or two.  Do you live for laughts? Try a welcome matt with a hilarious saying on it. Are you searching for calm? Make sure to have lots of greenery throughout. 
  • Change the Smell: One of our primary senses that triggors memories and emotions is smell. It is important to change the smell of your home. Some options for this depending on your liking; cleaning, air purifiers, diffusors or scented candles. 
  • Fill the Walls: Whether it be with family, wedding or baby photos make sure to start putting yourself in the home. Perhaps you are not a fan of photos but you are in love with art. Whichever is your prefence start putting up your favorite pieces. 

Step 5: Let's take it to your yard

  • Familiarize yourself with yard: Walk around your yard. Check out your downspouts anything that you may need to attend to. Mow your grass. Check out your flower beds. Tidy everything up.
  • Create a space to enjoy: Whatever it is that you like to do outside work towards a space that promotes more of that.  Do you like to garden?  Head over to your local garden center (we LOVE the Enjoy Center but there are lots around the city) and pick up some raised beds, soil, seeds and start to make that a reality.  Do you like to entertain? Online shops like Wayfair have great deals for outdoor furniture. Grab a fire table, sectional, egg chair, an outdoor rug to finish off the look and twinkly lights to set the mood.  Making it the perfect hang out space.  Do you like to have privacy and feel grounded? Perhaps planning out and installing privacy screens or planting large trees and shrubs to cretae your own private and serene space.  Do you like to play? Perhaps a sand box and jungle gym is in order. Whatever fills your sole and makes your outdoor space your own start to do it. 

Step 6: Embrace your Community

  • House Warming Party:  Bringing your friends and family to soak up your new space and add their loving enegry is an important part of making a home your own. Your community brings their own energy into the space. (Don't forget to invite your real estate agent.  We are always good for a charcuterie platter and uplifting conversation.)
  • Get to know your neighbours: Depending on your personality this iwll look different. It can be anything from a friendly smile over the fence, to a driveway chat or even intentional invitations to socialize. Spending time at local coffee shops, grocery stores and banking institutions will help you integrate into your new community. If you want to step it up a knotch and engagement is your thing join a club or the community league. 

The work to make a house a home doesn't when once you get your keys. There is a lot of work that goes into making your new house feel like it is your. Do the work. It is so worth it! There is nothing quite like a home that feels like it perfectly reflects your and your personality.

Please leave comments below and tell us how you like to create your sense of "home".  

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