9 Steps For Successful Spring Cleaning

9 Steps For Successful Spring Cleaning

1.       Keep the Mosquitos at Bay – As a preventative measure, take a peek around your yard for anywhere that there is standing water and dump it.  Nothing worse than having to share your space with a bunch of blood sucking bugs.

2.       De-Puppy Poop the back yard – Either get out there and do it yourself or hire one of the wonderful companies that will pick up all the poop for you.  

3.       Wash Windows and Screens – Now that the garden will be blooming you will want a crystal-clear view of it. Take the time to thoroughly clean your windows and screens, you will not regret it.

4.       Test Sprinklers, irrigation systems and pond pumps – make sure that all your water features made it through the winter, make adjustments and repairs if needed.

5.       Take some time to maintain wood surfaces in your yard – whether it be a deck, fence or front step, make sure your wood surfaces are clean and sealed.  Likely staining and painting won’t have to happen every year but it is something that you should keep an eye before it gets so bad that replacement is your only option.

6.       Clean Out Garages and...

8 Reasons Your House Isn't Selling

If your home isn't getting the attention you think it deserves, it's time to get to the root of the problem. 

It's a buyer's market in the Edmonton and surrounding areas, and if your home isn't getting offers, something could very well be wrong. The good news is knowing there is an issue is the first step to resolving it. We've gone over what the top reasons could be and are providing you with the advice of how to correct each situation. 

1. The house is priced too high

We know it's NOT what you want to hear. The truth is that if your home is over the days on market for your community, the market is rejecting your price. No amount of staging, beautiful photo's and detailed write up on the MLS is going to bring you an offer if you're overpriced. Additionally concerning if your home is listed above market value, you are missing out on a whole group of prospective buyers. 

Solution: Get your agent to go over the comparables of homes that have sold within your market and price it right the first time around. Nobody wants to buy the most expensive house on the block!

2. Your home need some TLC

So what!! You loved (worn out)  your home, and it shows... Taking the time to critically look at your home and making a list of all the things that need to be freshened up helps your selling power. Analyze the properties that have successfully sold in your area and compare. Did they recently paint the interior, update the lighting, change the handles on the all the cabinet doors. We know it's a hard pill to swallow, shelling out money for a property you're hoping your moving away from, but trust us it will be for the best at the negotiation table. 

Solution: Take a week to get...