How To Get The Best Listing Photos in Edmonton

Today, 89% of all people in the market to buy a home begin their search online. That means they won't see your house till late in the process. And that also means that they will rely almost entirely on your online listing photos to make their purchasing decisions. So f you want to sell your home, you'll need top-notch listing photos coupled with some creative online marketing. Here's how to get the best listing photos in Edmonton.

Hire a Professional Photographer

The most important thing you can do to get the best listing photos in Edmonton is to hire a professional photographer specializing in real estate. Yes, it will cost you, but a quicker sale at a better price will more than offset the expense. Professionals will have the equipment for high-quality photos – much better than you'll take with your smartphone. And, remember, most home shoppers will use those photos to make their decisions, so they must be top-notch.

But if you want to do it on your own, then read on. 

Get the Key Areas

No matter how wonderful your listing photos are, if you don't capture certain vital areas, you may be wasting your time. These essential shots will get the buyers' attention and generate more interest in your house. They are photos of the front of the house and property, kitchen, bathroom, and usually at least one bedroom. These are the photo views that will allow buyers to visualize themselves living in your house, making it possible to envision your house as their home. The kitchen and bathroom photos are the most critical because all buyers are focused on these areas, so make sure these rooms are clean, tidy, and staged before you snap the shutter.

See to the Lighting

When taking photos of your Edmonton house's interior, be sure the lighting is at least adequate. Clean dingy windows and open curtains, blinds, and shutters to let plenty of light in. And if it's a cloudy day, turn on all the lights for the sake of good photos. You might even consider purchasing additional portable lighting, especially for those critical areas.

Get Several Angles

Also, no matter how great your Edmonton listing photos are, if you get only one shot of each area, online house shoppers may not be able to fully imagine what your house would be like as their own. So to attract more buyers, you need to get shots from several angles to showcase your home entirely. On the outside, that would mean getting not only the front but also the side and back. On the inside, you would take photos from several locations in the room.

Empty the Rooms

Another key to getting the best listing photos in Edmonton is to make sure the rooms are nearly empty when capturing different angles. You will, of course, keep the necessary pieces in place that belong in the rooms, for example, bed and dresser in the bedroom, but get rid of all the extra details and clutter. Again, the idea is to make your house appear as a blank slate on which buyers can write their own lives, envision the rooms with their furniture and belongings in them.

Listen to Your Agent

Finally, if you genuinely want to get the best listing photos in Edmonton, listen to your agent because she knows what appeals to buyers. Listing photos can mean the difference between a sale or your house sitting on the market unsold for months and months. They are that important. So lean on your local agent's expertise to get the best photos possible, the ones that will sell your house.

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