Learn About Our Home Selling Services In Edmonton & Surrounding Area

A summary of our home sales services and how we make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your house.

When selling a home, that's such a vital concept to comprehend. We want potential buyers to evoke a reliable, optimistic emotional response. We want buyers to fall in love with your house so that they can bargain to buy your home reasonably and equally. It is our responsibility to do just that - to make it easy for buyers to fall in love with your house, and here's how we do it.

The method of selling a home is divided into five key phases - Staging, Photography, Pricing, Consumer Awareness and Closing Contract. Each stage involves several different elements that must be personalized for and home and transaction to be most effective.

Because each home is different and each seller's needs are different, there is no regular or routine selling. We think that our best service comes when we evaluate each person's home critically and consider our customers' unique needs.

We begin with an interview at your home that can be as formal or as informal as you like. To start selling a home, the point is that there is no pressure at all. We consider it a dialogue that helps both parties get to know each other, and it allows us to showcase our services while discovering your particular needs.

When we have seen your home in person and addressed your needs in-depth, we will then be able to configure our services in such a way as to optimize our efficiency and concentrate on selling your home for a price and terms that are suitable for you. This is also where a game plan and a schedule planned to fulfil your needs will be addressed.

You will remain in charge of all decisions regardless of which of our services you use, whether it be a seller or buyer representation, or both. We will always work with you towards your goals, and we will do our job as agreed, but without your direct participation and consent, we will not make any decisions or take any action that could adversely affect your sales.

When selling a home, there are so many variables that come into play, so we will always give you professional opinions and advice based on extensive experience. Still, we won't work against your best interests, mainly to earn a commission. In our jobs, we take great pride.

Staging a Home

We also found that we need to first plan the home itself for marketing and showings to make it easier for buyers to fall in love with your home, which implies staging your home. We will work with you through this process to make your home look better in pictures and person, and we will give you advice on how to eliminate potential purchasers' objections along the way. Making your home move-in ready for a buyer, for the minimal amount of time and resources, you want to do what you can practically.

Professional photography

We arrange professional photography after the home is set up. It is a crucial move in marketing to get your home shot by a professional photographer. Your home has to stand out online, and through great pictures, we have found the best way to do that. When they see it online and is well-staged and beautifully shot, it's really easy to fall in love with your home.

Pricing to Sell Your House

It would be best if you settled on a pricing plan before marketing your house. When pricing your home, there are quite a few variables to consider, and there is a considerable amount of research that goes into making pricing decisions. With new market data to make pricing decisions, we will continuously update you.

Pricing is the #1 element under a seller's influence when selling a home, so when formulating your pricing strategy, you want to make sure that you make sound, rational decisions.

To make it easy for customers to fall in love with your house, part of our role is to be an impartial voice so that we can analyze your pricing plan and benefit from our experience.

Maximum Market Exposure

Our ability to optimize your market exposure while selling your home is one of our best quality offerings to our customers. Generally, having the best possible price and conditions for your home requires exposing the maximum number of potential buyers to your home.

We have extensive experience monitoring and managing the different channels from which, including all the major portals, we can market your house. It is vital that your home is located in the places most likely to be searched by buyers and that we have built relationships with the best search platforms.

Moreover, our main website, Yegismoving.com, is consistently one of the Edmonton Area's most popular and visited real estate websites. Through checking online, you can quickly check this for yourself.

It is not an exaggeration to suggest that most homebuyers looking for a home in the area visit our website at some point in their path. This asset is leveraged to help push motivated home buyers to your front door.

One of the most effective components of our marketing strategy is that we practically have visibility in all the top searches. If our leading site does not appear in one of the top three spots, it is almost inevitable that the search results will appear on another site with our branding. This lets us make sure that as many potential home buyers as possible are correctly presented with your home.

Closing the Deal

You should expect to attract the attention of skilled, enthusiastic homebuyers who successfully was promoted your home, when we have had your home staged, your home has been professionally photographed, your home has been appropriately priced and this is when things really get exciting with showings. A significant advantage of working with our team is that we have several agents that often come into contact with interested buyers, so we guide the right buyers to your listing so that they can give it fair consideration.

Proposals will likely follow the showings, and negotiations will begin.

When we have secured an agreed contract on your house, as we work through the terms of the agreement planning to close, the deal to close process begins. By helping to manage this process and keep all parties updated about the transaction's progress, our administrative staff will support all parties. This can be very reassuring for you because regular contact with our team can help you stay updated and prepare for closing as needed.

Closing is going to be set so you can legally sell your home to your buyer after all contractual terms are satisfied, all parties are able to finalize the deal. This is a gratifying moment, and it is an outstanding achievement to have a lot of hard work going through selling the home and signing the deed and handing over the keys.

We are delighted to support you during this exciting time and look forward to meeting your standards and exceeding them. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us about our services or would like to interview us.

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