Real Estate Crush | Adorable Inglewood Home

Have you ever walked along 124 street, perhaps bopping in and out of local boutiques or meeting a friend for lunch and thought to yourself I would love to live in this neighbourhood?  Here is your chance.  You can have your own little piece of heaven in one of Edmonton's trendiest neighbourhoods - Inglewood.  

Take a peek at this adorable little home, by clicking here, listed by our very own Bill Hatton at Liv Real Estate®.

  • Just a few short minutes to Duchess Bakery.  Have you ever had the Duchess cake?  Marzipan coated deliciousness!  It is one of our favorites!
  • Stroll down and meet some friends at Credo for an amazing coffee.
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If Inglewood is where you would like to be, take a peek at what the market has to offer in this little niche.  To view more homes for sale in Inglewood, click here.
If you would like to chat with a real estate professional, check out our bios here and give one of us a call.

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