The Complete Guide to Choosing a Home in St. Albert

Are you thinking of moving to St. Albert? Perhaps you want to live in a green space with a lot of trails, parks, and natural areas. Or maybe you're seeking access to quality schools, educational programs, or healthcare services.

Regardless of your motivation, relocating to St. Albert is a lifetime decision that you won't regret. But to actualize your dream in a family-friendly city, choosing a home is vital.

And rest assured, St. Albert has endless real estate opportunities. From modern semi-detached homes, apartment-style condos, single-family units, and more.

Living in St. Albert has numerous benefits from great outdoors, convenient location, sense of community, and ease of commute. However, buying a home in the area is not a walk in the park. You've got numerous options for homes that could be overwhelming.

But we're determined to make sure your dream of living in St. Albert comes to reality. Here's a guide to choosing a home in the city.

Check on the Lot Size

When buying a home, only a few people will give a thought about the size of the lot the potential property sits on. However, the level of your lot will determine the available lawn size, level of privacy, and driveway length. If you're not sure about where the lot begins or ends, check on lot dimensions and description with the realtor.

If you're planning to add some outdoor features such as a pool or water fountain, make sure the available space can accommodate that. Also, be keen on the shape of the lot; is it rectangular, pie-shaped, or irregular. The lot shape will also influence how you'll use the lawn and whether it will meet your needs.

Thus, when going to showings, check whether the lot size of the potential property will meet your needs.

Consider Location

When buying a property, one of the utmost considerations is checking on the location. Since St. Albert is a vast area, you'll want to make sure you pick a location that suits your needs. You probably want easy access to school, work, places of worship, recreation, or even friends and family.

Knowing the ideal location for your next home in St. Albert helps you to narrow down options. Also, it saves you the hassle of having to travel long distances to work or school after picking the wrong neighborhood.

Also, the location of your next home in the neighborhood matters. For instance, do you prefer a lot near the main entry, further into developments, or away from traffic? If you want a pool, park, or recreation area, then you'd choose a lot near these amenities.

Before you get started choosing a home in St. Alberts, inform your realtor about your preferences. Also, ask your realtor whether there're locations with higher purchase prices than the rest. This ensures you get your dream home at an affordable price.

Consider the Number of Bedrooms

Of course, you have an idea about the number of bedrooms your next home should have, don't you? Well, most prospective homeowners will want at least two bedrooms, with the number increasing if there are children. By determining the number of bedrooms, you need in your next home; you narrow down your options.

Do you need your kids to share bedrooms, or do you want them to have separate bedrooms? And will you have a separate study room, or will the bedroom still need to be the study area? Also, do you host regular visitors that you need a designated room for guests?

Also, you might want an extra bedroom to use as an office, storage, exercise room, den, or kid's playroom. Answering all these questions will help you determine the number of bedrooms your next home should have. However, think carefully about your family's lifestyle and what will improve it.

Check on Number of Bathrooms

Before you start shopping for your dream home in St. Albert, know the number of bathrooms you prefer. Older homes are likely to have only one bathroom, while newer homes may have more. You might opt for a home with a single bathroom if a renovation to add more is feasible.

Also, for homes with several bathrooms, not all may have a shower or tab. And don't forget about the style and size of the bathroom. Do you want a bathtub, shower, or both?

If you need easy access, a shower stall is ideal, but you'll need a jacuzzi for relaxing. If there's someone in your home with special needs, you might need a sizeable bathroom that could be easily remodeled. Also, think of the people to use the bathroom, including guests, to make a clear idea of the style and size of the bathroom to suit your family.

Consider the Kitchen Layout

As they say, the kitchen is the heart of every home. It's where family, friends, and guests gather, chit-chat, and meals are created. And being the center of activities and socialization, kitchen layout and size are paramount.

Be sure whether you need a large kitchen with numerous sinks, storage, and counter kitchen, or a normal kitchen will be fine. Also, consider your special cooking needs when thinking about the perfect kitchen for your family. For instance, if you have a large family to entertain or cook for, you'll definitely want a home with a larger kitchen.

Have your preferences jotted down and discuss them with your real estate agent. However, remember you can always have a kitchen remodeling to achieve your dream cooking space.

Check on the Price

When buying a home, price is the ultimate determinant. And before you hit the market in search of a home, you need to establish a budget range. Apart from ensuring you don't go overboard, a budget also narrows your options.

Looking for homes above your budget range can be exciting and fun, but you might end up being disappointed if you fall for a home beyond your range. And buying such a home could have a long-lasting financial implication.

When setting a budget for your next home, it should be based on monthly bills, down payment, and your income. Also, you'll need to get preapproved for a loan based on your debts, credit history, and income. Make sure to calculate your monthly mortgage costs, including homeowners' insurance, and taxes

Clearly understand how all these costs will affect your finances both in the present and in the future. When you establish your budget, stick by the price range during your search for a home.

Seller's Incentive to Sell

When choosing a home in St. Albert, you're likely to find some sellers who are more motivated to sell than others. There are sellers who will place their property in the market but don't care whether it sells or not. If the property doesn't sell, they'll continue living there and might try again in the future.

In such a sale, you won't have a lot of room for a bargain as the buyer. However, this is contrary to when a buyer is highly motivated to sell their home. For instance, this could be due to a job transfer, estate sale, or even moving out of state.

Your realtor will help determine how motivated the seller is and come up with the best negotiation strategy. Also, they'll draft an offer and counteroffers to ensure you get the best deal on the property.

Consider Maintenance

Unless you're buying a newly built house, any property will need several maintenance or repair works. When checking on the property, you'll be developing a list of the various items that will require some work to improve the home's curb appeal. This could be repairs, replacement, additions or even maintenance works to make the property your ideal home.

However, there are some renovation works that would take a lot of money and time to complete. Thus, make sure to note down all the different repairs, maintenance, or additions you'd want in the new property. Is it reasonable to carry out these works after purchasing the property, or might it disrupt your family's financial situation?

For instance, if you need a pool in your home, check on how much it costs to build one. This would help you make an informed decision of whether to purchase a home without a pool and build one or buy a property with it. Also, when developing your list of amenities you need in your new property, know what you can't do without and that which you can compromise.

Here Are Key Tips When Choosing a Home in St. Albert

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that one will make in their lifetime. As such, you'll need to get it right when buying a property in St. Albert. Here are some key considerations to make when choosing a home to buy.

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