What Are Buyers Looking for in Houses for Sale in St Albert?

St Albert is a beautiful city outside Edmonton. It has many great attractions for families to enjoy with their kids.

Many new homebuyers in the area are looking for homes that have a good resale value. Others want to know what the market is telling them. However, there are some things that are particularly attractive to home buyers in St Albert.

In part, St Albert homes for sale are popular among buyers because of the amazing amenities and lifestyle the area offers. Still, if you’re looking to sell a home in this area, here are some things to keep in mind.

To learn more about what homebuyers are looking for in houses for sale in St Albert, keep reading.

Changing Tastes for Houses for Sale in St Albert

Today, you need more than a great location and an affordable price to sell your home. Many of today’s sellers know this fact all too well.

Contemporary buyers want a home that’s close to their workplace. They also want reasonable access to great outdoor activities and entertainment.

Furthermore, desirable homes provide buyers with enough space to meet their needs. However, there are some features and amenities that are a must-have for today’s buyers in St Albert.

What’s more, the following items seem to remain popular consistently across buyers. In fact, common sought-after amenities in the area are more consistent than anyone might expect. Also, some amenities are more popular than others.

The wants and needs of today’s buyers reflect peoples’ changing behaviour. Homebuyers have many wants and needs. However, price is the ultimate deal maker when it comes to selling your home in St Albert.

Properties that are priced at under $100,000 are twice as popular as those in any other price range.

It’s the Little Things That Count

It may catch you by surprise to find out what amenities today’s homebuyers prefer. Buyers in St Albert aren’t necessarily moved by mountain views. However, they may pay a bit extra for a beautiful view of the water.

Also, not quite in the range of must-haves, fireplaces and pools are a nice touch. What’s more, properties with these features are more in demand than those without them.

For homebuyers, it’s wonderful to find a home with these features. However, you must price your home right.

Pricing is especially important to first-time buyers. As a matter of fact, pricing is important for anyone unless they have an unlimited budget, which is quite rare.

As always, however, location is also important when it comes to selling your home, as is the layout of your floor plan. In these areas, homebuyers are seldom willing to make compromises.

Don’t Forget About the Kitchen

Speaking of must-have items, you’ll need a modern, updated kitchen if you want to sell your home. Home prices all over are at the highest they’ve been in three decades. As a result, today’s buyers have little choice but to make practical and cost-conscious buying decisions.

Accordingly, you’ll need an updated kitchen if you want to put your home on the market. It’s also important to have a modernized bathroom. These items are high on buyers’ must-have lists.

Most of today’s buyers put the bulk of their savings towards a down payment. If they’re fortunate, they may have some funds left over for basic furnishings. However, there’s usually little to no budget left for a costly remodelling project.

There’s another relatively new trend that’s still going strong. Many of today’s homebuyers are young. In fact, young consumers probably represent the lion’s share of today’s homebuyers.

Young buyers want open, modern dining spaces. They also prefer open floor concepts rather than a compartmentalized home. This kind of floor plan makes socializing easier and more entertaining.

Other Amenities

Another surprise is that homebuyers in St Albert are a bit more interested in what’s outside a potential home rather than what’s inside.

It’s worth reemphasizing that, despite its beauty, mountain views aren’t a big seller these days in St Albert. Buyers, however, will pay more for a beautiful water view.

Today’s buyers love calm and peace. They crave homes overlooking an ocean or a lake. As a result, properties near water are highly desirable.

However, waterfront properties are more difficult to build compared to other properties. As a result, they’re in shorter supply.

Some homeowners would do anything to live near a lake or on the coast. However, their options shrink when looking for this kind of property.

Still, you can offer homebuyers the next best thing—a home with a swimming pool. Buyers in St Albert love to swim, so if your home isn’t near a large body of water, a swimming pool might do the trick.

Of course, a home with a pool is more expensive. However, it will certainly attract much more buyers’ attention.

Another Relaxing Desired Amenity

Homebuyers in St Albert also love a good fireplace. As with water features, a fireplace is synonymous with relaxation and coziness. Accordingly, it’s another desirable amenity for St Albert buyers.

Fireplaces most certainly influence buyer behaviour. Buyers love looking at homes with fireplaces.

Fireplaces evoke images of peaceful evenings at home. A fireplace feature makes it easy for potential buyers to imagine gathering around and enjoying time with their family members.

Save the Marketing Tricks

Today’s homebuyers are technologically savvy and well-informed. You want to stay away from tactics such as psychological pricing.

Psychological pricing is a price-setting technique. It involves lowering the price of your home to just below the nearest round number. This is an old marketing tactic that makes a price seem lower at first glance.

For example, prices ending in nine seem smaller than a price that’s one cent higher. This tactic changes the leftmost digit to a lower level. For instance, you’d list your $100,000 home for $99,999.99 if you use this tactic.

Psychological pricing works well in restaurants, supermarkets and stores. It even works great for online retailers.

However, it’s not a tactic that you want to use when you’re trying to sell your home. This practice may give buyers the appearance of deceptiveness.

Typically, today’s buyers know full well the worth of a home before they request a showing. Most likely, they’ll know the prices of all homes in the entire area before they make any offers.

Here, it’s important to use straightforward pricing for your home. Price your home based on what’s a good value for the area as determined by supply and demand.

Your real estate agent can help you assess the right pricing strategy for your home. Meanwhile, stay away from marketing tricks.

Finally, Less Is More

Today, most consumers start their search for a product using the internet—including when they buy a home. As a result, pictures are an important part of the home selling process.

Today’s buyers are short on time. They want plenty of pictures so that they can assess whether a property is worth considering.

Many potential homebuyers spent a considerable amount of time browsing the internet looking for the perfect home. 6 to 15 photos are a good number of images to attract the attention of buyers.

This number of photos provides the perfect balance. Potential homebuyers have enough visual clues to figure out whether they’re interested in the property. However, you’re not providing so many images that they don’t need to come out and actually view the property.

Conversely, listings with no photos are the least popular. If you bypass photos when you’re trying to sell your home, potential buyers get put off.

They have no way of figuring out how your home is laid out. They also have no insight into the general condition of your property or potential issues if you don’t provide visual clues.

As for a description of your home, today’s buyers like extremely short descriptions. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the description of your home under 250 characters. In fact, most potential homebuyers prefer a home description that shorter than a Twitter message.

There’s a lot of written information about the housing market. It can prove frustrating for potential buyers to navigate through a long-winded description and then figure out that they’re not interested in the property. Remember, keep it short and sweet.

Hopefully, you now know enough to attract the best buyers in St Albert.

Are You Ready to Sell Your Home?

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