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In 1882, the land that is now the Abbottsfield neighbourhood was purchased by E. F. Carey, co-founder of Norris and Carey's merchandising company and one of the most influential people of the nineteenth century in Edmonton. Since the Abbottsfield area was east of the Town of Beverly, until it was annexed to the City in 1961, it remained a rural area outside the limit of urban growth. There was no new growth in Abbottsfield for a decade after the annexation. It was thought that the area was too close to both the landfill site at Beverly, south of 118 Road, and the chemical plants east of the North Saskatchewan River. However, work began to turn the land filling site into Rundle Park at the end of the 1960s, a multipurpose educational and recreational resource on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Abbottsfield grew rapidly after this transition to the local climate. In the 1970s, nearly all of Abbottsfield was built. Among pre-1980s communities in Edmonton, Abbottsfield is unusual in that all residential construction consists of row housing and walk-up complexes. The house is designed around a multipurpose school and recreation site that is centrally situated. Located near the intersection of major traffic routes, residents of Abbottsfield have good access across the city to employment and commercial centres. The community's inward orientation is reinforced by a berm that partially surrounds the area to protect it from highway traffic noise. With its near proximity to the river valley and park system, Abbottsfield Park offers a wide range of recreational opportunities, while the Abbottsfield Recreation Centre provides recreational programmes and community groups with space.


Abbottsfield is finite by the North Saskatchewan river valley on the east, 118 Avenue on the south, thirty-four Street on the west, and also the Yellowhead trail passageway on the north. Victoria Drive forms the boundary between the neighbourhood and river valley correct. Rundle Park situated within the river valley below Abbottsfield and also the neighbourhood of Rundle Heights located immediately to the south.


Abbottsfield is close to shopping, offering the Abbottsfield Mall which is a smaller shopping hub and Londonderry Mall. The main attraction to living in Abbotsfield would be the access to Rundle Park. The park's recreation facility includes a large children s playground, tennis courts, baseball diamonds and sports fields, a golf course, recreation ponds for boating in the summer and skating in the winter, hills for tobogganing and picnic facilities equipped with tables and cooking facilities. 


Residents of Abbotsfield are provided with two two choices of schooling, public, or Catholic school. For public school, the designated schools for Abbotsfield are Abbotts School ( K-6 ), Ivor Dent School ( 7-9 ), Eastglen School (10-12). Students can attend other schools within the district as long a the school has room, and the student meets the entrance requirements. The other public schools within the Abbotsfield district are Centre High Campus (12-12), Victoria School ( K-12 ), John A. Macdougall school ( K-6 ), Riverdale School ( K-6 ), Norwood School ( K -6 ). Designated Catholic Schools in Abbottsfield are St. Nicolas ( 7-9 ), St. Bernadette ( K-6 ) Ben Calf Robe ( K-9 ) Austin O'Brien ( 10-12 )