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Fort Edmonton was first built on the site of the territory of today's parliament, west of the Downtown Fifth. The lands of the Hudson Bay
Company Reserve was, however, situated Directly north of the Fort, and it was forced to locate east of the Fort as the town expanded to allow for Enlargement. As a consequence, Jasper was the turn of the century commercial centre of activity. 97th Street and Avenue. The main avenue remains Jasper Avenue, but company operations have When the centre was able to extend into the downtown area, it extended significantly to the west of 97th Street.

The southern half of the reserve.105th Avenue borders Downtown to the north, 110th Street to the west, and 110th Street to the west. South, by the escarpment of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The vicinity offers A diverse mix of land uses that are institutional, office, retail, warehouse and residential, Funded by LRT stations and major corridors for transportation. The administration of the province Core, the old warehouse area, the commercial/office corridor on Jasper Avenue, the municipal district District of government and arts, growing residential communities and the planned district of Arena Make Downtown a diverse district. 

The city centre, especially since the 1970s, has been continuously undergoing some form of redevelopment. Residential intensification within the Downtown since the late 1990s has been a The proposed Arena district and Royal Alberta Museum will be an essential form of regeneration, but The industrial and leisure possibilities are further diversified.

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