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Prince Rupert is a triangular community entirely contained within the former Hudson Bay Company land reserve. The Company opted to partition a section of its land during the pre-World War I land boom, although the majority of development took place afterwards. Portage Avenue was paved and streetcar tracks were installed down in preparation for subdivision. After King George VI's visit in 1939, the avenue was renamed Kingsway.

Prince Rupert remained primarily rural for several decades, with only a farm and a golf course in the area until the late 1940s. The postwar construction boom soon turned the remaining open spaces into residential usage. In the neighbourhood's heart, a school and a small commercial square are surrounded by a mix of dwelling styles.

West of 119 Street is large-scale commercial and industrial land uses. Families of military soldiers used to live on the huge block of land east of 119 Street and north of 114 Avenue. The approach path to the Municipal Airport's runway No. 34 in eastern Prince Rupert was preserved mainly clear of houses and reserved for recreational land uses.

The Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) managed the Prince Rupert Golf Course on its reserve property from 1930 and 1951, and it was named for it. The golf course, as well as the surrounding neighbourhood, was named for HBC's first governor. Prince Rupert, King Charles II's nephew, was granted a royal licence allowing him to participate in fur trading. Rupert's Land was the name of his trading territory.

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