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Riverdale lies about a kilometre east of City Hall, it is bordered on the south and east by the North Saskatchewan River, and on the west and north by the escarpment that runs through the river valley. This location has had a one-of-a-kind impact on its growth.

Settlers coming in the 1880s were fast to develop this big flat land since it was close to Fort Edmonton and had easy access to the river. D. R. Fraser bought land south of 101 Avenue in 1883 and built a lumber mill at Cameron Avenue's bottom. A brick yard opened nearby, and residential development followed shortly after. The mill and the brickyard both used coal extracted from the cliffs overlooking Riverdale. Until its closing in 1944, the Dawson Mines, located across the river and near the Riverside Golf Course, employed a lot of Riverdale people.

Edmonton was hit by a major flood in 1915. The height of the river bank on Riverdale's southern limit prevented the flood's full impact from washing across the entire neighbourhood. Although no homes were destroyed, many structures were damaged. Riverdale is unusual from other inner-city neighbourhoods in that it has kept much of its original identity. The neighbourhood is undergoing some reconstruction, but the cottage-style residences, modest church, and brick school reflect the area's early development.

Riverdale was formerly known as Fraser's Flats, after one of the area's founding businessmen, D. R. Fraser. It was later renamed, most likely to reflect its location.

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